About Me

At the end of last year my parents and I came across a bowtie at an event that we thought would be perfect for my brother, but the bowtie was not the exact pattern that we thought my brother would absolutely love. After a brief discussion, I decided that I might be able to find a way to make bowties out of fabric myself that could be customized to suit specific people and their unique style. After a few test runs (and quite a bit of using my brother and close friends as “models”) Elisha’s Boutique was established! Since then, I have made many other bow accessories other than neck bowties. I also have teamed up with PhotoSTEEL to create an accessory line (including bowties, hair bow barrettes, and bow necklaces thus far) that is made out of 20 gauge STEEL that can be customized with nearly any pattern or personal picture that you can think of.

I personally have always loved accessories and jewelry since a very young age. Some of my favorite things over the years have included handmade bead necklaces/bracelets, hair scrunchies and ribbons, knitted scarves, chandelier earrings, and most recently statement necklaces. Basically anything that would be eye-catching and could start a conversation! Therefore, I thoroughly enjoy creating custom accessories that others can love and show off as well. All of my products are handmade by me, so I always take pride in creating the best product that I can each and every time!

Any questions or inquires you may have can be directed to info@elishasboutique.com . I look forward to hearing from you and helping you find that special accessory, for yourself or a friend, that you have been looking for!

With love,