***Introducing PhotoSTEEL Steel Bowties, Barrettes, and Bow Necklaces***

A little bit after deciding to make fabric bows, it hit me that maybe making PhotoSTEEL bow products was something I could do as well (check out PhotoSTEEL.com by the way. You won’t be disappointed with their phenomenal products!)  The greatest thing about PhotoSTEEL and what their products allow me to do with my bows is CUSTOMIZATION. That’s right. Any color, pattern, design, or photo you could imagine on your bow necklace, bow barrette, or bowtie.  The possibilities are endless!!  If that isn’t the coolest thing, I don’t know what is. Not only are the products customizable, but they are completely durable since they are made out of 20 gauge STEEL.  They are also flat products that truly look 3D! No fabric here….well….besides the fabric in the middle of the bow that is. 🙂

The planning for this product has taken some time….pretty much all of my Christmas break in fact…but I had to have the right materials and run some tests before all of these products were actually ready to go.  I’ve included some examples of collages in this post that I had made up to display the different types of PhotoSTEEL products that I was able to make up last night.  More of the bow necklaces/bow barrettes/bowties are up on my website right now as well!

Again, these are totally customizable and made of 20 gauge STEEL. I just did a few designs and color schemes that I found to be eye catching or unique to show some possibilities for the products!!  Feel free to email info@elishasboutique.com  for any questions or order requests!