Summer/Fourth of July Update!

My incredibly long semester at school has officially come to a close a few days ago after I took my X-ray boards, so I am once again free to work on creating bows and new products! So excited! Over the last few days I have been working on some Summer and Fourth of July related hair barrettes. Of course I had to go look for new fabric, and I had an overwhelming time picking out the perfect ones (there’s something about going into a fabric store and wanting to purchase every single fabric they have that always gets to me.) Nevertheless, I got some awesome fabrics and sat down and got some barrettes done.

While working on the fabric products, I have also been working on some steel related Fourth of July products. So far I have a Baseball Bat American Flag PhotoSTEEL bow hair barrette, bow necklace, and bowtie that I am featuring. All of these are made out of 20 gauge STEEL, and they make extremely unique gifts for yourself or a special someone! These can totally be customized though, so if you have an idea in mind for something cool for a PhotoSTEEL bow (barrette, necklace, or tie) shoot me an email at and we’ll see if we can make your vision happen!

Hopefully more exciting things to come within the next few weeks for Elisha’s Boutique! I’ll keep everyone updated. For now, check out just a few of the Summer/Fourth of July products I’ve been talking about this entire post. 🙂

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