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Summer/Fourth of July Update!

My incredibly long semester at school has officially come to a close a few days ago after I took my X-ray boards, so I am once again free to work on creating bows and new products! So excited! Over the last few days I have been working on some Summer and Fourth of July related […]

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New Fabric Options!

So, I know I haven’t posted anything in a few weeks (starting school again this semester has me busier than I could have ever imagined) but that doesn’t mean that I’ve stopped making my bows! Lately I’ve been experimenting with different fabrics for my bows just to offer a wider variety. All I offered before […]

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***Introducing PhotoSTEEL Steel Bowties, Barrettes, and Bow Necklaces***

A little bit after deciding to make fabric bows, it hit me that maybe making PhotoSTEEL bow products was something I could do as well (check out by the way. You won’t be disappointed with their phenomenal products!)  The greatest thing about PhotoSTEEL and what their products allow me to do with my bows is […]

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Baby Headband Bows Are Here!

After a suggestion from a friend, I have decided to make baby headband bows!  The bows are still their regular 4.5 inch by 2.5 inches (just like on the barrettes already listed on my site), but they are attached to a smaller, softer headband that would be perfect for a baby!  The ones I have […]

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Hello and Welcome to Elisha’s Boutique!

    Ever find yourself at a loss when looking for that perfect accessory to uniquely fit your personal style? Look no further!  Here at Elisha’s Boutique you will be able to find unique accessories for any occasion from everyday wear to special occasion wear.  I take pride in all of my handcrafted items and […]

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